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Following WWII, our Great Uncle 'Smokey' Moses fell in love with an Italian girl and up and moved to Italy. While he was there, he took up work in the local pizzeria, learning the art of water, yeast, salt, and flour.

Upon coming back home to the States, Uncle Smokey brought with him both an Italian bride plus a local dough recipe that he made his own. It is this same recipe that he used every week for our family Friday Night Pizza gatherings. It is this same recipe that we use today.

Nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire, we converted a beautiful old barn into a beautiful new pizza shop. This is where we now practice the dark arts of wood-fired alchemy that Uncle Smokey passed down to us.

Equipped with a traditional brick oven, a bbq pit + the finest local New Hampshire & Vermont beers on tap, we consider this to be our own slice of heaven.

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