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In Crust We Trust | Smokey Moses | Wood-Fired Pizza & Wings, Hanover, NH
Wicked Local Ingredients. Angelic Taste. Wood-Fired Pizza & BBQ

Wicked Local.

Angelic Taste.

😈 😇 😈 😇 😈 😇 😈 😇 😈 😇

Raving Fan Review for Smokey Moses

"I once dated a nice Italian gentleman who came from a family of pizzaioli. Smokey Moses pizza is better than his secret family recipe."

-Our Grandma Hennessey

Raving Fan Review #2 Smokey Moses

"The Smokey Moses Pulled Pork + Mac & Cheese is some of the best bbq I have ever tasted."

-Our Cousin (who once drove thru Texas)

Raving Review #3 for Smokey Moses

"Woof woof woofwoof woof woofwoof woof woofwoof woof woofwoof woof woofwoof woof"

-Our Pup

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